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Online Self Inquiry Book Club

This book club began in December of 2019 by members of the Washington, DC Area Self-Inquiry Group and is welcome to seekers around the world. The open format involves a one-time meeting for the whole book, a Slack Room for discussion, and a weekly call on Google Hangouts. Everyone is welcome to participate as they feel called to.

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Meeting guidelines

June 2020 - September 6th, 2020: The Way of Selflessness: A Practical Guide to Enlightenment Based on the Teachings of the World's Great Mystics, by Joel Morwood

May 2020 - June 2020: Living Nonduality, by Robert Wolfe

February 2020 - April 2020: The Triune Self, by Mike Snider, a hilarious, down-to-earth, and inspiring book of one seer's search to be his own authority of spiritual answers.

December 2019 - February 2020: Think and Grow Rich, by Napolean Hill, a classic self-help book with a success formula that reportedly also applies to seeking "spiritual riches" as well.




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