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Strictly Spiritual: Your Place for Spiritual Teachers
As the author of this website says: "This spiritual search guide is designed to save you time. It is a condensation of my experience in searching for spiritual teachers and systems: the results of my logic and feeling. My search has not been for pleasure or temporary peace. If that is your goal, then you probably won't like my ratings of teachers that cater to that market. I am drawn to teachers who force me to look within and ask: who am I, where did I come from, and where am I going? To pursue these questions is the greatest adventure of one's life." It is an excellent resource.

Spiritual Friends Locator
This is a stand alone part of the website which can be helpful towards finding like minded people in your area to work with.

The Mystic Missal
This website contains a wealth of practical information on ways and means for seeking the Truth as well as numerous articles and essays aimed at helping the seeker to retreat from error. Also every two months the author posts a new missal where he takes an in depth look at a selected spiritual teacher or tool and pinpoints the value it can have for seekers. The author is particularly adept at pointing out many of the traps, pit-falls, and ego games that are all too easy to fall into.

The Listening Attention
A companion site to the Mystic Missal, with additional writing and humor aimed at the Gateway to Within.

Albigen System Books
Here you can find descriptions of, and ordering information for Richard Rose's books and CDs as well as other valuable material. The introduction on the website puts it well: "Richard Rose wrote seven books over a span of thirty years. Each deals directly with a specific aspect of spiritual seeking. He approaches the study of self, and the study of the human mind, in as scientific a manner as is possible in what must always be a subjective realm. He does not labor to create a paradigm of words and concepts, but intently and expertly disarms many of the preconceptions a spiritual seeker brings to the table..."

The TAT Foundation
The monthly TAT Forum E-zine found on this website is an extremely good resource for seekers. It provides thought provoking articles, essays, and poems from a variety of writers which serve as a catalyst to spur one within. Among other resources, this website also contains information on the Albigen System - a practical approach for those seeking to find real answers, and the TAT Foundation - a group of dedicated and sincere seekers which holds meetings four times a year.

Spiritual Books Worth Reading
This is an excellent website which lists and gives information on a number of profound books which provide helpful guidance for people who are searching within. It also provides resources for obtaining hard to find books and contains the full text of several out-of-print but invaluable books such as Conquest of Illusion and Gates of the Mind.

Self-Discovery Portal
In addition to being the home-site for the Philosophical Self-Inquiry Discussion Group of Pittsburgh, this site includes: Zen for the Western Mind: A recap of Hubert Benoit's Supreme Doctrine: Psychological Studies in Zen Thought; Ch'an Masters of Ancient China: Excerpts from the inspiring writings of T'ang Dynasty Zen masters; Pulyan & Transmission: Zen master without lineage & master of the lost art of transmission; and Greatest Teachers: The greatest western teachers of recent times on finding a total answer: Franklin Merrell-Wolff, Douglas Harding and Richard Rose.
A searcher's personal story of meeting Richard Rose and a selection of items by and about "a man who changes lives." Also includes a section of downloadable articles by and about Richard Rose, transcripts of talks, and the entire TAT Journal archive.