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    Finding Peace | Stretching the Mind | Inner Wakefulness | The Beginning of All Real Knowledge | There's Someone In My Head, But It's Not Me | I Wished To Live Deliberately | Inner Messenger |

    Finding Peace

    Unending fear, lust,
    toil and devouring.
    Hell is not elsewhere.

    ~ By, Bart Marshall

    Is inner peace possible?

    Yoga Pretzel
    Stretching the Mind

    "#15 Yoga: Though its roots are in India, the global tree of Yoga has most of its branches in rich white neighborhoods. Yoga has been so thoroughly embraced by white people because it requires large amounts of money and time, two things that white people have a lot of.

    "Yoga is essentially stretching with guidance. Advanced Yoga is just regular Yoga done in a very hot room.

    "You might think that since Yoga is such a minimalist activity, it can be done almost anywhere. But you would be wrong. Yoga must take place on hardwood floors at a studio. Exposed beams are generally believed to enhance Yoga experiences by 40 percent.

    "Being non-competitive, you might think that Yoga can just be done in any type of clothes that allow for a full range of motion; again you would be wrong. Yoga is much more than just an activity, it is a chance to showcase $80 pants that are tailor-made for the rigors of Yoga.

    "And last, but not least, Yoga feels exotic and foreign. It has become sort of like a religion that prizes flexibility and expensive clothes. Also, deep down, white people feel that their participation makes up for years of colonial rule in India."

    ~ From the book Stuff White People Like

    Can you seek answers to your deepest questions without paying $80 for attire?

    Child lauging
    Inner Wakefulness

    This place is a dream
    only a sleeper considers it real
    then death comes like dawn
    and you wake up laughing
    at what you thought
    was your grief

    A man goes to sleep in the town
    where he has always lived
    and he dreams
    he's living in another town
    in the dream he doesn't remember
    the town he's sleeping in his bed in
    he believes the reality
    of the dream town
    the world is that kind of sleep

    Humankind is being led
    along an evolving course,
    through this migration
    of intelligences
    and though we seem
    to be sleeping
    there is an inner wakefulness,
    that directs the dream
    and that will eventually
    startle us back
    to the truth of
    who we are

    ~ By, Jelaluddin Rumi (1207-1273)

    What do you consider real?

    One Way
    The Beginning of All Real Knowledge

    "The knowledge of even the wisest of all men, if communicated to us, will be to us nothing more than an opinion, as long as it is not experienced within our own selves. As long as we cannot penetrate within the soul of Man, we can know little more about him but his corporeal form; but how could we penetrate within the soul of another as long as we do not know our own? Therefore the beginning of all real knowledge is the knowledge of Self; the knowledge of the Soul and not the vagaries of the brain." ~ Franz Hartmann, Magic White & Black

    What do you really know?

    Fiber Optic Cables
    There's Someone In My Head, But It's Not Me

    "And then there's your brain. Three pounds of the most complex material we've discovered in the universe. This is the mission control center that drives the whole operation, gathering dispatches through small portals in the armored bunker of the skull.

    "Your brain is built of cells called neurons and glia--hundreds of billions of them. Each one of these cells is as complicated as a city. And each one contains the entire human genome and traffics billions of molecules in intricate economies. Each cell sends electrical pulses to other cells, up to hundreds of times per second. If you represented each of these trillions and trillions of pulses in your brain by a single photon of light, the combined output would be blinding.

    "The cells are connected to one another in a network of such staggering complexity that it bankrupts human language and necessitates new strains of mathematics. A typical neuron makes about ten thousand connections to neighboring neurons. Given the billions of neurons, this means there are as many connections in a single cubic centimeter of brain tissue as there are stars in the Milky Way galaxy.

    "The three-pound organ in your skull--with its pink consistency of Jell-o--is an alien kind of computational material. It is composed of miniaturized, self-configuring parts, and it vastly outstrips anything we've dreamt of building. So if you ever feel lazy or dull, take heart: you're the busiest, brightest thing on the planet." ~ Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain, by David Eagleman

    Cabin in the Woods
    I Wished To Live Deliberately

    "I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived." ~ Henry David Thoreau, from Walden

    Hermes/Mercury: Messanger of the Gods
    Inner Messenger

    "Your inner mind is constantly trying to get your outer self aware of what's going on within yourself until you've answered to that need. It keeps throwing balls over the fence." ~ Jim Burns, from At Home With the Inner Self

    Is your Inner Self trying to get your attention on something and it's not getting through?